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ROMAN stands for Read, Outline, Mark, Ask, Name. With these five skills you can read any book, no matter how difficult. For more information, download my free eBook: ROMAN Reading: 5 Practical Skills for Transforming Your Life through Literature. Isn't it time you begin to change your life one page at a time?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

ROMAN Reading Exercise 1: "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov

I've just uploaded a copy of Anton Chekhov's "The Bet" for practice. It's perfect for beginning to use the 5 skills of ROMAN Reading: it's short, controversial, and open to several interpretations. "The Bet" is one of the first stories I have my students read, and it always leads to deep discussions about the value of life, books, and freedom. After you read it, why not leave a comment about what you think it means?

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AdamSmithAcademy.org said...

Here's a link to an animated version of Chekhov's "The Bet":