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ROMAN stands for Read, Outline, Mark, Ask, Name. With these five skills you can read any book, no matter how difficult. For more information, download my free eBook: ROMAN Reading: 5 Practical Skills for Transforming Your Life through Literature. Isn't it time you begin to change your life one page at a time?

Monday, May 7, 2007

ROMAN Reading Now Availabe as a Free Streaming Audio Book

If you're already a member of FreeIQ you can now listen to an unabridged audio recording of ROMAN Reading. Right now it's only available as an audio stream, which means you have to listen to it in your web browser, but keep checking back in the next few days as I work on making it available as a free mp3 download.

If you're not a member of FreeIQ, I highly recommend joining. It's free, and the content is extremely high quality. It's like an educated person's Youtube, with the added benefit of being able to make money from the site. It's still in Beta, so the best content is yet to come, but there are already some great ebooks, audio programs, and videos.

If you have ebooks, video, or audio programs you want to sell on FreeIQ, I'd be happy to help you set up an account. Email me at literarycompass@gmail.com.

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